The Resource Office for Social Ministries


ROSM partners with the Food Pantry to provide meals in Franklin County, KY. Families are eligible to get 12 food boxes in a 12 month period, but no more than 1 per month. If you are in need of food, you will be asked to complete a food box application with one of our area churches or agencies. You may receive a food box the next day if you submit your application to the church or agency in time for it to be received at ROSM by 12:00p.m. 

ROSM works to prevent homelessness by offering emergency assistance with rent, mortgage, and utilities. We also may assist with short term medication and burial cost. If you are in need of these forms of assistance you will need to complete a ROSM application and submit it through one of our church/ agency partners. The church or agency can help you fill out your application. These applications take about 5-7 days to process, sometimes more or less depending on the nature of the circumstances. 

Please click the churches and Agency link below to choose which location you would like to work with to get your application process started. When viewing the form please note that the bold letter "R" stands for ROSM applications and the bold "FB" stands for food box applications.