If you are in need of assistance, please click on the link below and contact one of the local area churches or agencies on the list.


If you are in need of food you will be asked to complete a  Food Box application. You may recieve a food box next day if you submit your application to the church or agency in time for it to be received by ROSM by 12:00p.m. 

If you are in need of any other type of assistance (such as rent, utilities, or medicine), you will need to complete a ROSM application and submit it through one of our church partners. These applications take about 5-7 days to process, sometimes more or less depending on the nature of the circumstances.

If you would like to complete your application in advance and submit it to one of the churches/agencies on the list, please click on the appropriate link below, print the application, complete, and turn it in at one of the churches or agencies on the list.

ROSM application - English
ROSM application - French
ROSM application - Spanish

Food Box application - English
Food Box application - French
Food Box application - Spanish

You will note from the list, some churches and agencies prefer to take information on the phone. In these cases, please just call the number of the church or agency listed.
If you have any questions, you may contact any of the churches or agencies listed.